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Services for Building Owners/Managers:
We have a wide range of experience in all types of buildings and document procedures valuable to the facility management professional.  The use of CAD for facility management, has led many of the property-owner/manager clients who utilize our services to upgrade their property records to electronic format, calculating B.O.M.A. rental areas, preparing leasing materials, doing space planning and completing construction documents for tenant finish projects.

Rental Area Studies:
Accurate analysis of rental area is essential to proper lease management and to the building owner’s bottom line.  CDFM uses CAD technology to produce versatile electronic building record documents that can be used to measure all rentable space.  The latest BOMA rules for building measurement are employed to assure close adherence to industry standards.  The documentation produced includes maps showing all categories of space and an easily updated spreadsheet that can be used to monitor building leases.  This service is particularly helpful during the due diligence phase of property acquisition, but also provides documents valuable for use over the lifetime of the building. 








Building Owners and Managers Association - Measurement Standards:
In 2010 BOMA released its new standard method of measurement for commercial rental space.  The new set of rules is being been designated as “METHOD B” which yields a single load factor (R/U) for the entire building. The older “METHOD A”, which yields different factors for each floor, is also viable and may still be used. Most commercial leases will probably need to specify which method of measurement is being employed.

BOMA has also renamed many building features and categories of space, changing the lexicon of rental area management. It can be confusing as to how all of these new terms are to be used when deciding between Methods A and B.  It will take some time for all the new language to be fully absorbed into the day to day lives of real estate professionals and their many consultants.  We can assist by increasing the slope of the learning curve which will facilitate the process of writing new leases. 

If you have already had a Rental Area Study done for your building(s), you may want to have it revised using the new Method B.  If you have NO viable area study this is a good opportunity to initiate one using either of the BOMA methods. Most buildings that are more than 15 years old will have suffered a degree of “lease area degradation” and will see an increase in total rentable after going through a BOMA qualified calculation. We’ve found that the value of this “newly found” rentable area, often exceeds the cost of doing the study and can also add value to the building.

Typical BOMA Rental Area Spreadsheet

CDFM has designed office spaces for clients the size of the Social Security Administration down to small offices for in-fill tenants.  The breadth of our experience includes general office, medical, dental, retail and industrial spaces.  We also understand systems furniture, office technology and current accessibility standards.